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Want to implement Youth Start?

All types of schools can implement Youth Start – Entrepreneurial Challenges – primary or secondary level, regular, technical, vocational or intervention schools – as the programme is adjustable to all teaching subjects and all student needs. From the experience of our three large-scale interventions, the learning programme was introduced in all types of schools in all participating countries. This is one of Youth Start’s greatest assets: its flexibility makes it fit everywhere.

The primary target group in this 3-year project is teenagers from 13-17 years old, although, through the leadership of the Ministries of Education from each of the participating countries, the programme was also successfully introduced in primary schools (students from 8-11 years).

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All pedagogical materials can be found at www.youthstart.eu in many European languages.

For any questions about Youth Start implementation regarding school profiles, teacher training or other, please read the Youth Start Handbook or contact the international coordinators directly at info@peep.pt