An Erasmus+ Key Action 3 policy experimentation project

The Youth Start – Entrepreneurial Challenges project (2015-2018) was one of the largest projects ever undertaken in entrepreneurship education and evidence-based public policy. The project was coordinated by PEEP (Portugal) and represents a collaboration between the ministries of education of Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Slovenia. The learning program was developed in Austria (IFTE) and evaluated by FFE-YE (Denmark). The practice-oriented, student-centered approach was built to foster core competencies in young people, with the aim of improving their chances in the labor market and expanding their outlook on life.

Experimental entrepreneurship education that can be included in existing curricula.

A flexible, innovative, transferable and scalable program for self-regulated learning.

Scientific accompaniment during a field test with the aim of gathering evidence-based data as a basis for reforms in education policy.

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